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Eudialyte with Key RE Elements Found in Kvanefjeld, Greenland


The Institute of Multi-purpose Utilization of Mineral Resources (IMUMR)revealed its discovery of eudialyte in Kvanefjeld Multi-mineral mine in Greenland. The discovered eudialyte in Kvanefjeld is rich in heavy RE elements and plausible for commercial exploitation.

While conducting an evaluation project to assess the RE and uranium mineral resources potential in Southwestern Greenland, Dr. Zhou Jiayun’s research team discovered, for the first time, that zone 3 of the Kvanefjeld is enriched in heavy RE eudialyte, apart from sodium-ferrite amphibolic ore.

The research indicates, by comparing to the ores found adjacent Tanbreez Mine, average grade of REO in eudialyte is 2.5-2.7%. Gadolinium and Dysprosium, key elements in permanent magnetics, take proportion of 2.5% and 2.9%, respectively. The eudialyte samples were found with weak magnetic property, which makes it possible for high gradient magnetic separation to future beneficiation. This could be a simple solution for the conundrum of RE separation. This is a huge discovery to re-assess the resources potential and economic value of Kvanefjeld, and is worth to further investigation.

The Ilimaussaq composite pluton in the Southwestern Greenland is the second largest RE enrichment in the world, with Kvanefjeld the world’s second largest RE mine. According to GMEL’s recent exploration data, the total mineral resources in Kvanefjeld ore bed is proximate to 1.01 billion tons ( JORC Standard), TREO reaches 11.14 million tons. The average grade is 1.1%.