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Leshan Shenghe Rare Earth Co., Ltd (Leshan Shenghe) was incorporated in December, 2001. It is a member of the Standing Council of the Association of China Rare Earth Industry. Leshan Shenghe has a registered capital up to 80 million RMB with productive capability to process 5500 tons of rare earth concentrate (REO) annually. The main products include rare earth elements in oxidant, saline, and metal of various specifications, molecule sieves, and petro-catalysts, etc. The products are widely accepted domestically and internationally. Leshan Shenghe has been focusing on the metallurgical, separating technology, R&D, and production of Sichuan Bastnaesite. Its technology is recognized as pioneering in the industry.

After 20 years of development, Leshan Shenghe has grown into a leading enterprise in the rare earth industry with advanced technology in separation, and well-equipped infrastructure in environmental protection, resource recycling, as well as safety assurance.

Since 2004, Leshan Shenghe consecutively passed verifications in ISO9000, ISO14000, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). In 2011, it passed, among others in the first batch, environmental checks organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In 2012, it acquired industry admittance in rare earth from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Leshan Shenghe acquired 11 subsidiaries through establishment, share-holding, and merger, among which, 5 are domestic companies and 6 are international ones. Now it has developed into a comprehensive corporation in rare earth beneficiation, metallurgy, separation, R&D, and trading.