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The 7th Session of Board of Directors

Front from Left: Gu Xiiujuan (Independent Director), Mao Jingwen (Independent Director), Hu Zesong (President), Tang Guangyue (Vice President), Yang Wenhao (Independent Director), Yan A’ru (Independent Director)

Rear from Left: Yang Zhenhai (Director), Zeng Ming (Director), Yan Shiqiang (Director), Dong Wen (Director), Wang Xiaohui (Director)

The 7th Session of Board of Inspectors

From Left: Cai Hongyan (Employee Inspector), Weng Ronggui (President of the Board of Inspectors), Li Qi (Inspector)

The 7th Session of Management

Front from Left: Xia Lantian (CFO), Hu Zesong(General Manager)

Rear from Left: Guo Xiaolei (Secretary to the Board), Huang Houbin (Deputy GM), Wang Yanli (Deputy GM), Mao Shaochun (Deputy GM)