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       Shenghe Resources Holding Co., Ltd (Shenghe Resources) is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE:600392) . Shenghe Resources is a world-class developer, producer and supplier of rare earth (RE)resource and relevant products. Its mixed ownership structure is proposed by Chinese government and unique in Chinese RE industry. 

       Shenghe Resources built its core business in RE, while also takes serious account to other “Precious, Rare, and Scatted” resources. Our main products include RE concentrate, RE oxidants, RE compounds, RE metals, RE metallurgical materials, RE catalysts, zircon sand, titanium concentrate, rutile, etc. Our products are widely applied in new energy, new materials, energy conservation & environmental protection, aerospace, military industry, and electronics, etc.

       Shenghe Resources grew in China, but holds its vision global. We value the importance of resources and markets both domestic and global. As numerous subsidiaries established in USA, Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam, We successfully mapped out our business to Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Supported by technical innovation, insisting on the principle of mutual benefit & environmental friendliness, Shenghe Resources—with our partners— endeavor to orderly and harmoniously explore global RE resource and other “Precious, Rare and Scattered”resources, and to prompt sound & green industrial development. Some of our representative international cooperation projects include California Mountain Pass rare earth mine, Greenland Kvanefjeld polymetallic deposit, and Vietnam RE metallurgical & separating plant, etc. 

       As our enterprise ideal says, “Harmonious with China’s Revival Age, Beneficial to the Public”. Shenghe Resources insists on the developmental principle of integrity among economy, resources and environment. With our business philosophy writes“Development, Innovation, Practicability, Credibility”, we continue our journey on innovation and scientific, green, sustainable development. We also fulfill our social responsibilities to realize harmony amongst environment, customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In the future, we aim to become a world-leading supplier of RE and RE processed products.