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Message from the President

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Dear Friends,

       Back in the 1980s, Mr. Deng Xiaoping pointed out— which became a famous line afterwards: Oil in Middle East, Rare Earth in China. Rare earth is a strategic and advantageous resource in China. It plays a very important role in transforming traditional industries and in nurturing emerging industries. Rare earth is also indispensable in the upgrade of national defense and new technology.

      Shenghe Resources is an international corporation building its premise on rare earth and relevant fields with focus on R&D, production, and application. Upon the birth of Shenghe, we have been closely keeping in step with China’s industrial policies. As our core business is in rare earth, we also take serious account to other “precious, rare, and scatted” resources. We value the importance of resources and markets both domestic and global; and we manage to extend our business to the upper and lower reaches of industrial chain. Based on market needs and satisfaction of our clients, we endeavor to explore the potentials in resources, to elevate corporate value, and to improve global rare earth supply chain. Our vision is to develop Shenghe with energy, science, openness, greenness, and humanity. 

       Energetic Shenghe. As proposed by Chinese government, and unique in Chinese rare earth industry, Shenghe Resources designed its equity structure on mixed ownership. We have open business philosophy, flexible management, and win-win innovative mechanism. We present the world with an energetic Shenghe. 

       Scientific Shenghe. Through years of technical innovation and accumulation, Shenghe Resources achieved major breakthroughs, like Provincial Awards for Progress in Science and Technology. A leading role in technical innovation is prompting and supporting the company’s leap-type development and global business expansion. 

       Open Shenghe. Shenghe Resource has the international vision to develop its global business map. We participate in the exploration of rare earth and “Precious, Rare, Scattered” resources by transparent and sincere cooperation. Together with our partners, we propel the establishment of an open, fair, stable, and orderly product supply chain. 

       Green Shenghe. Shenghe Resources insists on green developmental ideal. We value environmental protection in our business. Using our full strength, we prompt comprehensive resource recycling and economic utilization to our goal of optimizing rare earth value. 

       Humane Shenghe. Shenghe Resources pursues harmony with nature and society. We believe in mutual benefits and win-win with clients and peers. We think rational development of the market and industry is best for all. And we never stop to create value for our investors and employees.

       We strongly believe, with the guidance of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, rare earth materials will lead in the upcoming evolution in new energy, new materials, and new industries. We are now being given infinite opportunities to accelerate development, optimize configuration, prompt corporate upgrade, and promote global management. 

       We will continue to insist on our corporate ideal of “Harmonious with China’s Revival Age, Beneficial to the Public”, and on our principle of “Make Our Friends on Morality, Make Our Market on Credibility”. We will hold tight on our business philosophy of “Development, Innovation, Practicability, Credibility”. Building a steady foundation on rare earth resource, we aim to become a trailblazer in the “Belt and Road” Initiative, a climber in enterprise technology innovation, and an explorer in China’s structural reform & institution building. We are stern to make our enterprise bigger and stronger, and to create greater value for global investors and customers.